Guidelines For Paper Preparation

  • The Paper Manuscript shall be prepared in MS WORD format and must be submitted in ‘PDF’ Format.
  • The Paper flow generally consists of:
      • Abstract
      • Introduction
      • Main Paper content (Problem Identification, Experimental setup, Model Formulation etc.)
      • Results, Analysis and discussions
      • Conclusions
      • Acknowledgements
      • References


  • Size, Margins, Fonts etc

The Paper shall be in A4 size. A margin of “0.75” shall be set from each side (Top, Bottom, Left and Right). The paper must be in two-column format (with default column to column  spacing) and in single line spacing.

All paragraphs must be justified. ( i.e. both left justified and right justified)

Fonts: General Text –  12, Times New Roman. Other Fonts may be used for Special purposes.

Size: Title- 16 & centered, Author’s name / Affiliation – 12 & centered

Email of Corresponding author : 10 & centered.

Author details must not show any professional title (e.g. Managing Director, Dr., etc)

    • The paper shall be mailed to with sub: ‘Draft manuscript  File size of the Draft manuscript shall strictly be limited to 1MB’.


  • Upon review and acceptance, the final manuscript shall be mailed to with Sub: ‘Final manuscript’.

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